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Woman meditating on alpine meadow

What do you most wish for in your life?
Happiness, Peacefulness, Success, health, Longevity or True love....

Everything exists within your mind

 Be The Pioneer of Your Destiny!

Did you know that everything you have been searching for is within your mind? Whatever it is that you are looking for – happiness, peace, health, success, enlightenment – all of it is within you.

Take the first step on your journey toward a healthier, happier, fulfilling life.

Learn to meditate with us.


Truth is an eternal and unchanging existence.
People refers to Truth in many different ways: God, Buddha, Allah, etc.


Truth and the true world must exist within your mind at all times, and you must live in the true world now. Only what exists within you exists. What you don't have inside your mind now doesn't exist. 


You cannot see this existence and cannot find this existence because you live inside your own mind world. You cannot see nor find what belongs to the true world.

                    The Way to Go To the Land of Truth 


The ultimate purpose of all religions, philosophies, and ideologies 

Our meditation study is to make you go to the Land of Truth and Live there eternally while you are alive. While you are alive, you can confirm Truth is within you, and live in the Land of Truth which is Heaven, Nirvana, and Paradise while living.  You can achieve this when you discard all of your karma, habits, and body with our 7-step method.  The ultimate goal of human life is to become Truth and live eternally. What everybody hopes for is to go to the land of Truth and live happily forever. You can achieve it when you come to us and learn how to live eternally.

Stressed Man
People who suffers stress in their life developed    feelings of  hopelessness and helplessness, and are prone to become depressed.

The average person has between 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day and 85% of thoughts being negative.
95% of those thoughts being the same as the day before.

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           Class Hours - Mon to Sat: 9AM-9PM                                                              Sun :9AM-4PM


Meditation Benefits

  • Become mentally and physically healthier

  • Find your True Self

  • Achieve lasting confidence

  • Become free from your habits

  • Enlighten all the ways of the world

  • Because you have Truth within, you can   resolve all of your questions about life

  • Have the Truth in your mind and go to the True World that is Heaven now.