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Eucalyptus Branch

Find Peace Within

Welcome to Las Vegas Meditation

Step-by-step personalized & guided meditation 
method for finding Peace and True Self 

Meditation is more than just temporary relaxation; it is about shifting perspective and releasing the burdens of the mind, creating true healing and lasting changes. Through our Method you will find your True Self and understand that everything your are looking for is already within yourself. You will feel better everyday as you see the real, tangible results of this practice.

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  • Daily live guided sessions in-person and online​
  • Flexible schedule
  • Private/Group classes 7 days a week
  • Customized guidance and support
  • Accountability to your practice

Truth, happiness, success and health are all within your mind

Humans are incomplete because they live in their mind world which is the karma, habits, and body. When you discard this, you can find all the answers within you.


Discover the Power of Meditation


Freedom from Stress & Anxiety 

Eliminate the fundamental root causes of your stress and pain, then your mind will always be at peace and joyous.


Boosted Energy and Vitality
You will tap into energy and vitality from inside to be your best self in personal & professional life.


Break Bad Habits
Free yourself from unhealthy habits as you clean out your mind and welcome healthy lifestyle changes and patterns.


Cultivate Lasting Peace & Joy

Tap into your true consciousness: Universe mind, you will have unchanging inner peace and happiness.


Find Answers Within You

Find wisdom that will help you navigate your life and lead you to joyous and fulfilling life.


Have the Best Health

As mind clutter disappears, your exhaustion disappears and allows your body to heal and gain longevity.

Your Path to Inner Peace Starts Here

Ready to unlock your potential and discover the True you?

  • Explore our diverse range of meditation classes.

  • Connect with one of our experienced instructors for personalized guidance.

  • Join our supportive community and find your tribe.


Start your journey today.



Nicte Gon

This meditation is the key to enjoy life and get rid of all those burdens you carry on your mind. Life gets easier to get thru every day and things start to fall into place naturally. Happiness, peace, and joy become part of your daily life.


Ryan Walsh

I used to have crippling anxiety and depression, but over the course of two years those have worn away to simple shadows of what they were. My outlook on life has improved, and I'm making plans for the future now!


Tray Rose

I’ve literally learned how to clean my mind and rid my mind of negative thoughts, worry, and anxiety. I feel lighter like a load has come off of me mentally and physically. Moreover, I feel more spiritually connected to the creator, as a result of mental cleansing.

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what you are wishing for,
we will help you find it within yourself!

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