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" It is not my purpose to make disciples. 

I am here to make Masters"

Woo Myung

Student Reviews

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Eunha Angel

Great meditation to become truly who I am and the only way to become ONE with the world. I am so thankful that I've met this meditation. It is the light to my life.

Kyong Foster

This meditation is really different from the other meditations that I had tried before. This meditation really works. All my life, I had uncontrollable ANGER problems. because of it, unhappy relationship w/ people, problems at work, stressful and unhappy I had been. Through this meditation, No MORE ANGER problems. I have great relationship w/ my family, friends and strangers. I have no stress and very happy and grateful for this meditation.

Tray Rose

The Las Vegas Meditation Center has helped me in ways that I can’t find adequate words to describe. To say that it has been a great life-changing experience just doesn’t sum it all up. The meditation method taught here is like none other that I’ve experienced. I’ve literally learned how to clean my mind and rid my mind of negative thoughts, worry, and anxiety. I feel lighter like a load has come off of me mentally and physically. Moreover, I feel more spiritually connected to the creator, as a result of mental cleansing. Thank you Mia and Marilyn 😊

Nicte Gon

I have been meditating for a while now, and I can assure you that there isn't anything else out there that can help you improve your day to day life as this meditation method does. I feel like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders. My mind is much lighter and I feel like everything is falling into the right place.

This meditation helps me be the person that I am meant to be. 

The method is easy to follow and there is no necessary experience required to start. A guide is dedicated to lead you every step of the way in this beautiful practice. 

La'Rone Grant

I'm so thankful that I've found a true place. Mia is absolutely wonderful she teaches and explain in great detail of the levels of meditation. I've tried many things to help with the stresses of my life but nothing sustained. So I decided to give meditation a try and six months in I honestly can say that I have noticed the positive peaceful changes in my life. Even my wife have noticed lol. Las Vegas Meditation will help you find peace and Truth, not the fad fake music stuff.

Marylin Carlin

When I joined Las Vegas Meditation I felt very excited because I somehow knew I found what I was searching for. The method of subtraction was new to me. However, with faith I decided to stay and work diligently. That was the best decision of my life!
What I found after two years of meditation is that my memories were heavy burdens. I am grateful of how my life has changed without them. Family relationships are so comfortable now. We can share our genuine feelings with no pretending and much more. My husband has suffered with many strokes which left him more dependent on me. Before, resentment and lack of patience interfered with the care that I could give him. But now, we truly treat each other with patience and kindness consistently so we are able to laugh, smile and even dance. 
There are so many benefits of practicing this method of meditation at Las Vegas Meditation. So grateful!

Juan Carlos Lopez

I have been going to Las Vegas Meditation for 7 months and I highly recommend it.  Before I started going I would overthink all day and it would cause me anxiety, and fear. I didn't find the meaning in life and I thought that was a normal thing in life. Thanks to this meditation I learned that life is completely different and meaningful  and it does not need to have anxiety and fear. Now I feel the complete opposite of when I first started. I really recommend this place.

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