Student Reviews


Stay Positive/ Stay Focused

I am able to have a lot more fun than before I started meditating. I also laugh a lot more. I’ve done better in school and have done a good job understanding everything. 


(12 Years Old)-  Middle School Student


Able to Follow Natures Flow

I am truly being able to do what I am supposed to do, regardless of the task- 

without complaining or arguing. I go thru life easily with happiness!

(45 Years Old)- Architectural Project Manager


Increased Patience and Understanding

As a high school teacher, I need a lot of patience and deep understanding.  Through meditation, both have greatly expanded.  As a consequence, I am much more effective than before with my students.

(52 Years old) English Teacher


Living Truth

I have overcome many of my past judgements and life experiences to see people and situations as they truly are.  The removal of these filters has deepened my connection to those around me.

(45 Years Old)- Learning Strategist


Enjoy the Moment

To throw away old pictures kept in my mind makes me refreshed and released.  

I can now live right in the moment and enjoy my life in a better way.

(50 Years old)- Elementary School Teacher

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