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Eunha Angel

Great meditation to become truly who I am and the only way to become ONE with the world. I am so thankful that I've met this meditation. It is the light to my life.

Student Reviews

Tray Rose

The Las Vegas Meditation Center has helped me in ways that I can’t find adequate words to describe. To say that it has been a great life-changing experience just doesn’t sum it all up. The meditation method taught here is like none other that I’ve experienced. I’ve literally learned how to clean my mind and rid my mind of negative thoughts, worry, and anxiety. I feel lighter like a load has come off of me mentally and physically. Moreover, I feel more spiritually connected to the creator, as a result of mental cleansing. Thank you Mia and Marilyn 😊

Kyong Foster

This meditation is really different from the other meditations that I had tried before. This meditation really works. All my life, I had uncontrollable ANGER problems. because of it, unhappy relationship w/ people, problems at work, stressful and unhappy I had been. Through this meditation, No MORE ANGER problems. I have great relationship w/ my family, friends and strangers. I have no stress and very happy and grateful for this meditation.

Nicte Gon

I started this meditation method more than a year ago, I can assure you that there is no other method available that will help you improve your day to day life. Subtraction (method) is the key to enjoy life and get rid of all those burdens you carry on your shoulders and your mind. Life gets lighter to get thru and things start to fall into place without any effort. Whatever your situation is, this method is going to help you to find yourself and become the incredible person you are ment to be. It is so easy because you get a personal helper that guides you every step of the way. So, do not hesitate anymore and come and join and start right away , it will show effects from Day one !!!!

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