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Las Vegas Meditation is a tranquil place to rest your mind in the heart of the city of lights. Our center has been providing the greater Las Vegas community with a high quality and life transforming meditative practice since 2004. At our center, we use a simple, yet highly effective meditation course that is used in over 41 countries and 345 centers globally. This meditative practice continues to grow worldwide due to its groundbreaking results.

Our program is a step by step guided meditation practice designed for anyone and everyone regardless of age, education, prior experience, or culture. When practicing the method with sincerity miraculous changes happen in peoples lives. People find more feelings of acceptance, harmony, ease and a simple state of peace. Most students report improved relationships with family, co-workers, and friends. Our method is revolutionary because the state of human completion or oneness with all things, which has been sought by spiritual traditions throughout history, is now a present day reality. The age of human completion has begun and at Las Vegas Meditation, we are honored to be able to guide you along this incredible journey towards the discovery of your True self!  

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